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If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you are in the right place and we would love to show you a methodology based on transparency, visibility, technology, and communication skills, that can humanize your organization, create TRUST, lasting customer relationships and higher revenues.

  • Tired of marketing methods not giving you the results you want, so you are looking for  easy and effective ones?
  • Do you want to use video throughout your sales process, but not a fortune – or feel like you’re going to faint, just thinking about being on camera?
  • Are you looking for ways to improve your visibility on digital platforms?
  • Are you struggling to figure out how Sales and Marketing can work better together, or could even use an extra team member for a limited period of time?
  • Are you unsure if your organization is moving in the right direction, and need help in defining strategies and changes that ensure success?
  • Would you like to improve your communication skills and how you present your product and services?

Mastering each of these areas is vital for your organization to be successful, and we want to help you to succeed!

This is where we can help you!

If you need someone that can show you how to improve your Digital Sales and Marketing, and you can accept that this someone, will at times challenge your organization, it’s culture, methods, structure, and business plan, to make sure you get the best results, then we would love to collaborate!

There are 3 main ways you can work with us:

  • Workshops
  • Coaching and Consulting sessions, 1:1 or 1:many
  • Managed Marketing Services (MMS) – Subscribing to having us as a part of your team for a longer or shorter period

Regardless of how you choose to work with us, we want you to walk away feeling empowered to move forward with your vision and get better results!

MMS (Managed Marketing Services)

We know that getting external help can have a positive effect on your organization. Here are some areas where KOGGER can help:

  • Packaging of products and services
  • Creating value propositions and content for web-pages
  • Web-page architecture, landing pages and cluster structure
  • Video training, production and distribution of video
  • Change management within Sales and Marketing

‘Managed Marketing Services’ from NOK 5.000,-/month (eg VAT)

KOGGER_Managed marketing services

Video Workshop

The VIDEO WORKSHOP is created in cooperation with Marcus Sheridan and Zachary Basner at IMPACT and will teach you how to become a video marketing star and help others on your team to become visual, trusted and professional advisors!

THE VIDEO WORKSHOP – 2 DAYS: from NOK 9.000/pers, ex VAT – min 5/max 20 participants

THE VIDEO WORKSHOP LITE – 1 DAY: from NOK 5.000/pers, ex VAT – min 5/max 10 participants

Packaging Workshop

The PACKAGING WORKSHOP is a session that has helped many companies, among them Microsoft Partners, to crack the code of packaging and move forward with packaging and pricing on their webpages.

The practical and specific method used in this workshop, will engage and motivate  administration, sales, marketing and consultants in your organisation. It will help you to see the need for transparent pricing and efficient delivery routines.

PRICE: NOK 28.000,-  (eg VAT and travel expenses)


Value Workshop

The VALUE WORKSHOP will give you the answer to how you can transform competence and knowledge into understandable, sellable concepts and how you should communicate this to customers during their digital customer journey. 

This will engage your whole organization because they will play an important role in sharing what they know, and it will also help create awareness around how leads from your website can result in sales.  

PRICE: NOK 28.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses)

Conversion Workshop

For a visitor on your website to convert their interest into sales, you need to fish with the right equipment.

KOGGER has developed a workshop that will teach you how a landing page should be set up so that your organizations customer journey, is the best it can be, and thereby convert into sales.  

PRICE: NOK 28.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses)

KOGGER_services_conversion workshop
KOGGER_conductor workshop

Conductor Workshop

Do you ever experience not reaching your audience, or feeling nervous before a presentation? In this workshop you will learn methods for standing out from your competition, managing stress and nerves in order to strengthen your communicative abilities and learn how you can present your message in a way that is clear, personal and helpful to your customers and colleagues!

Price: from NOK  7.000,-/person (eg VAT and travel expenses).  – Minimum 5 -Maximum 20 participants. Less than 5? – no problem! Just contact us for pricing.

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Håvard Lillevik
Håvard Lillevik
10:16 25 Sep 19
Kogger ligger alltid foran når det kommer til salg og markedsføring på digitale flater. Kogger er en naturlig... anbefaling til de som ønsker å styrke digital synlighet og kvalitet.read more
Trine Botten Karlsson
Trine Botten Karlsson
12:43 28 Feb 19
Maia Haaland
Maia Haaland
10:24 11 Jun 18
Oscar Hovland er en dyktig mann.
Contenting AS Norway
Contenting AS Norway
10:23 11 Jun 18
Oscar Hovland er veldig dyktig! Han har motivert mange Microsoft Partnere til å jobbe bedre på digitale flater.
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