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Our About Us section is about what KOGGER does, seen through YOUR eyes😎 In other words, it’s not about us. It’s about YOU.

Have you ever clicked on a company and read their About Us, thinking  “What is it About Them, that could help Me?”

KOGGER can help, if:

  • You want your Digital “voice” to be heard.
  • You want to use video in your sales process.
  • You want a website that attracts visitors, that turn into leads and customers.
  • You want to see an increase in revenue from your Digital Sales and Marketing.
  • You want to create more TRUST. 
  • You need a trainer to train your trainers (TTT programs).
  • You need a speaker in our area of expertise.
  • You need an extra Digital Sales and Marketing team member, for a period of time.

If you answered yes to any of the above, keep on reading About Us!

Since 2015 our main focus has been helping companies in various industries. Amongst them Microsoft, their distributors and partners.  Regardless of industry, our goal is to help you improve your digital presence, gain more TRUST and create better customer journeys.

Whether it’s learning by doing, taking courses, collaborating with customers and vendors or obsessing over methodologies like They Ask You Answer (TAYA) from Marcus Sheridan – there is one goal in mind for us:

Being the best teachers possible so you become a Digital Sales and Marketing hero!

When you look at our workshops and services, and don’t find what you were looking for, then please please reach out to us! Chat, email, call, or fill out the contact form  and you will receive a call from us within 24 hrs.  Share your thoughts with us and hopefully team KOGGER can help you!

Collaboration starts with communication!

Have a fantastic day!


Curious about who works here? – Meet the Team

Curious about the story behind KOGGER? – you can read that story here

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KOGGER_Oscar Hovland and Marcus Sheridan during world class communication certification

Meet the team


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I am always chasing the optimal customer journey! As a customer myself, I know how much I appreciate suppliers that have good products and services – but at the same time are transparent, have great digital tools and are digitally present and show me they are human. These feelings are why I founded KOGGER – so we could help your organization, achieve this too. I’m responsible for our workshops, videos and keynote speeches. Everything we do, we do for you! So, feel free to call me at any time, or chat here on our website, and I’ll do my best to help you in any way I can. I’m married to Leah and we have two beautiful daughters, a great son in law and a cat😊


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Ever since KOGGER was established,  Oscar has talked to me about his customers, visions and ideas. In 2017 I started to create some of our content and help out with advising customers on using websites to create better customer relationships and  humanize organizations. Another thing I do, and that’s not in my job description – I disagree with Oscar when he needs to hear a different point of view! As Oscar mentioned, we are married (and have been for almost 30 years), have two beautiful daughters, Tamarah and Cornelia who is married to our son-in-law Marius and we also have a cat called Larsen😊




I am a certified dental assistant but was also responsible for marketing, at my previous job. I love helping customers! I really enjoy taking and editing pictures and keeping up with how you can use Social Media to reach your audience and not only grab their attention – but keep it. I help KOGGER with our Social Media accounts and pictures for our website, in addition to helping our customers do the same. I enjoy helping our customers schedule and amp up their Social Media presence and would be privileged to help you too! Oscar and Leah are my parents, and even though I’ve moved away from home, I still feel like the cat is still mine😊




I love creating stories through photography and video. Fulfilling a customer’s vision by bringing their ideas to life onto a digital platform with creative and unique means, is always an exciting and rewarding feeling that drives me. This is what makes it so great working alongside Oscar, Leah & Tamarah, who all have the same ambitions for KOGGER’s customers. Together, we create solutions that we, and the customers, can be very proud of! I’m not family like the rest (I’m not sure they would cope with my weird humour anyway), but I do consider myself being a part of a family of content creators😊

Kogger_Oscar Hovland

KOGGER AS was established by Oscar Hovland in May 2014, in pure frustration!

“In 2013, as a founder and CEO of a company with 30 employees, I felt the time had come for our company to move mail out of our unstable Exchange mail-server in to a cloud data-center. Our development department had already started to use Azure as a test-platform for our software development and on my home front, I had bought and installed Office 365 for my wife and 2 daughters and loved the stability and the fact that all units were synchronized!

How difficult could it be to buy Office 365 for my employees and our organization? – VERY DIFFICULT!

My existing IT-department didn’t have enough knowledge about Office 365 and I had to resort to Google and Internet, just like I had done when buying my private licenses. But this time my customer journey was totally different! Why didn’t I find, online, Office 365 prices for companies? Why was every IT-partner I contacted, trying to complicate and problematize our existing situation and the implementation of Office 365? Why couldn’t anyone tell me why I SHOULD’NT buy the licenses from Microsoft’s homepage?

In pure frustration, I swiped my company credit card on Microsoft’s 365 homepage – AND THOUGHT THAT THIS WAS GOING TO WORK OUT GREAT!

But it didn’t work out great. In a way the IT-partners I had talked to, were right all along – this was anything but easy! Some surprising questions suddenly popped-up. How was I supposed to find good arguments to convince our board and co-owners  that the cloud was better than “steel on the ground”? How could we organize the implementation and migration of existing data? How could we handle long file names when migrating to SharePoint? How could we train our employees? How should we organize access? How could we, in our organization use Office 365 in the most effective way?

Where could I find the answers to these questions? – FROM MODERN PARTNERS

Chance would have it, that I was given the opportunity to express my frustration at a management seminar at Microsoft during the spring of 2014. My own customer experience journey was then used when collaborating with Microsoft to make our first KOGGER workshop in 2015. Since November that year, KOGGER has cooperated with Microsoft and their distributors in Scandinavia and held more that 160 workshops, many seminars and thus met more than 1100 fantastic technology-interested decision makers who have all identified the same need – the need to simplify a value proposition and simplify the customer journey for customers searching on the internet. In the past year KOGGER has widened our perspective because we have experienced that companies in general, and not only IT partners, can benefit by having us come in from outside their organization and help them succeed in creating amazing customer journeys”.

More about my journey at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscarhovland/

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