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6 Success Factors for SMB

“Seriously?! Another article about digital transformation?!” Yes, we know… But we also know that there is a lot of talk about changes that need to be done when digitally transforming but that it isn’t always easy to implement them.  How far along the way is your company? What do you predict  will happen with those […]

A Little Acronyme Goes A Long Way

Most of us are familiar with acronyms. Using few letters, they can be powerful little messages, easy to understand, remember and meaningful. But how can they be effective in highlighting our company? When our customers need a product/service or help in solving a problem, we want them to choose our company. To make that happen […]

The Video 6 Methodology

Zachary Basner the Director of Video Training & Strategy at Impact in Hartford,  creates video strategies to help teams improve their sales and marketing efforts. Using this non-complicated but yet precise pattern helped us to be more organized when planning video projects. In one of  Zachary’s videos he explains The Video 6 methodology.  His simple, but […]

Our Content Journey

Contenting – our word of the day We had been married for 3 years and just found out that I was pregnant with our first child. The following day, I went to Oslo and to my big surprise saw pregnant women EVERYWHERE! I came home and Oscar had experienced the same thing visiting Drammen.  We […]