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Why we love the power of questions!

What can help us to listen more, talk less,  create better customer journeys and relationships,  engage our audience and make sure our knowledge is shared and finds it’s way to new owners and new ideas? Questions. The art of communication We all know the feeling…. We are prepared and know the customer well. We’ve got […]

5 Ways to Improve Your Website

For years many marketers thought traditional advertising was the right way to reach customers. Telling them how fantastic a product or service was and how they were the best ones to buy from.  Showing them this again and again, in magazines, flyers, commercials and on billboards.  The idea was that if they did that, they […]

Why videos work so well on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was established in 2003, has today 610 million members, (LinkedIn)  and is therefore one of the most powerful social media platforms. How many of the members are decision makers in the IT-industry? 1.1M  – with 46% of these in the SMB market! LinkedIn Decision Maker Insight How can we reach them? Have a stellar […]