KOGGER Article Why We Love The Power Of Questions

Why we love the power of questions!

  What can help us to listen more, talk less,  create…
KOGGER 6 Success Factors For SMB

6 Success Factors for SMB

Everywhere we look, digital transformation is discussed - how…
KOGGER Marketfeeling Vs Marketing Illustration

Marketfeeling vs Marketing

For years many marketers thought traditional advertising was…
KOGGER - Why videos work so well on LinkedIn

Why videos work so well on LinkedIn

LinkedIn was established in 2003, has today 610 million members,…
KOGGER BTCT - Be Transparent Create Trust

A Little Acronyme Goes A Long Way

Most of us are familiar with acronyms. Using few letters, they…
KOGGER Thumbnail The Video 6 Methodology

The Video 6 Methodology

Zachary Basner the Director of Video Training & Strategy…

Keep the “Content King” on his “Throne” – Create Videos!

The Iranian-American psychologist Albert Mehrabian said,  “words…
KOGGER - Our Content Journey after WCC

Our Content Journey

Contenting - our word of the day We had been married for 3 years…