Please take the time to look closer into our different workshops and services!

TAYA or They Ask You Answer, is a revolutionary inbound marketing methodology introduced by Marcus Sheridan. The methodology helps you understand that you need to obsess over all the questions, worries and problems your customers have and address these in an honest and educational way.

The TAYA workshop will challenge you and the way you do business today and help you to dive deeper into how buyers have changed. It gives you a kickstart to thinking more like your customers. The workshop is the starting point for implementing the TAYA culture – always think like your customers.

PRICE FROM: NOK 28.000,- ( eg VAT and travel costs)

The VIDEO WORKSHOP is created in cooperation with Marcus Sheridan and Zachary Basner at IMPACT and will teach you how to become a video marketing star and help others on your team to become visual, trusted and professional advisors!

THE VIDEO WORKSHOP – 2 DAYS: from NOK 9.000 /pers, (eg VAT and travel costs) – min 5/max 20 participants

THE VIDEO WORKSHOP LITE – 1 DAY: from NOK 5.000 / pers, (eg VAT and travel costs) – min 5/max 10 participants

We experience strong competition in reaching out to our audience with OUR voice and OUR message. We need to continually work on our ability to manage stress and nerves to strengthen our communicative abilities and present our message in a way that is clear, personal and helpful to our customers and colleagues.

PRICE FROM: NOK 35.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses). Maximum 30 delegates

The PACKAGING WORKSHOP is a session that has helped many partners to crack the code of packaging and to move forward with their packaging and pricing on their webpages.

The practical and specific method will engage and motivate administration, sales, marketing and consultants in your organisation. It will help them to see the need for transparent pricing and efficient delivery routines.

PRICE FROM: NOK 28.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses)

For a visitor on our website to `convert` their interest into something more tangible, we need to fish with the right equipment and the right bate in the “red ocean”!

KOGGER has developed a workshop that will in practice show how a landing page should be set up so that the customers journey is optimized and meets the demands of SEO.

PRICE FROM: NOK 28.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses)

The VALUE WORKSHOP is a session that gives the answer to how differentiation can be created by transforming competence into sellable concepts and how this should be communicated to decision makers during the digital customer journey.

The analytical and specific method of how the value proposition can be translated to an understandable customer language, will engage the whole organisation and create awareness regarding how leads from the website can result in sales.

PRICE FROM: NOK 28.000,- (eg VAT and travel expenses)

We know that getting external help can have a positive effect on your organization. Here are some areas where KOGGER can help:

  • Packaging of products and services
  • Creating value propositions and content for web-pages
  • Web-page architecture, landing pages and cluster structure
  • Video training, production and distribution of video
  • Change management within Sales and Marketing

‘Managed Marketing Services’ from NOK 5.000,-/month (eg VAT and travel expenses)