This is what our customers are saying about what they experienced during and after attending a KOGGER workshop.

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Teneo-Data

Teneo Data AS

“KOGGER delivered an exciting and engaging Pakkeverksted that managed to include all areas of expertise at Teneo. For a longer period of time, we had been planning to package products and services but Pakkeverkstedet Step 1 and 2 managed to materialize these plans and bring us all together in deciding on a method and strategy for packaging. Teneo wanted to be transparent as to prices and services and Pakkeverkstedet helped us to achieve this.
Teneo can recommend KOGGER and Pakkeverkstedet for anyone that wants to be a part of the digital transformation. Check out our website!”

Lill Hoffmann / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_AGS


“In the process of making AGS IT-partner into a modern Microsoft Partner, we experienced Pakkeverkstedet with KOGGER as a good and tough part of this process.
We especially appreciated the way that we were challenged to renew our thinking, and how this resulted in exciting ideas and thoughts that included the whole company and all our employees in this process.
With background in our results after completing Pakkeverkstedet, we can warmly recommend KOGGER and Pakkeverkstedet to other Microsoft Partners, as a kickstart in renewing their company.”

Anne Karine Børnick / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Kippr


“The VALUE WORKSHOP was an effective, educational and exciting process that helped us identify new opportunities in our market. KOGGER kick-started a thinking process that engaged and motivated us to go beyond our comfort zone and challenge ourselves. Focusing on content on our website, we identified a specific method for how our value proposition can be communicated to the market in a clearer and simplified way. This is something we will be more aware of in the future when new content is to be published.

For us it’s obvious that KOGGER has a lot of knowledge and experience regarding digital marketing, which also makes them very credible.”

Terje Rønningen / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Bravo-Solution

Bravo Solutions

“Our participation at a KOGGER workshop, was a real eye-opener for Bravo Solutions. KOGGER challenged, encouraged and inspired us to take a hold of our sales strategy and process.
This was just as much a workshop in teamwork and how to find a collective prospective in cases where all internal processes are entwined and where the result depends on a mutual effort. This created the basis for a digital venture with a collected sale- and market strategy.
We encourage everyone to be challenged, at times provoked and in the end, reach their eureka moment”

Katrine E. Fotland / Marketing Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Ballou

Ballou AB

“We have hired KOGGER as part of a larger project together with Microsoft. The intention was to see how Ballou can and should package their services and get the best possible conversion results, in this case the packaging of Office 365 on Ballou’s website. Our experience was that KOGGER was very specific and knowledgeable, and gave us valuable input by showing us how other actors in the market solved the task.
After our workshops with KOGGER, we made specific changes to and will continue to implement changes in other areas, like service and products.
KOGGER is well-read, clear spoken and specific, with a good tracking record from previous work at similar partners. We can therefore recommend KOGGER to anyone that wants to package their services and wants to achieve the best possible result when it comes to web conversion.”

Jonas Gustafsson / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Attend

Attend AS

“We have participated in Step 1 and Step 2 of Pakkeverkstedet. Everyone in our organisation participated, which meant we got input from all departments. KOGGER helped us to package and gave us a new way of thinking about sales. In addition, we were able to engage the thinking mode of our whole organisation, when it comes to how we want to present the products we deliver.”

Frode Trøan / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Serit

Serit Østereng AS

“We have participated in Step 1 of Pakkeverkstedet. KOGGER challenged us in a direct and constructive way. That got us to renew our thoughts on how we should present ourselves to the market. The workshop engaged all of us, regardless of department or company role and as such made our experience during the day, a powerful one. This together with adjusted tools, contributed greatly to an increased understanding of how we need to work together in order to produce and sell more profitable services.
We are looking forward to Step 2 and can warmly recommend Pakkeverkstedet from KOGGER”

Anders Guttormsen / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Lillevik

Lillevik AS

“KOGGER took us on a journey through our own service offers and gave us the answer to how we can present ourselves in a way that everyone can understand. During the workshop we found the key to how we can present our whole service catalogue. We got so much more than just Pakkeverkstedet. KOGGER really has skilful and engaged people that have given us many of the tools we need in order to lift ourselves many steps ahead.”

Håvard Lillevik / Founder and Chairman of the Board

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Eltele

Eltele AS

“KOGGER lead us through a developing workshop that has already resulted in us being better at what we do. They were well prepared and were very goal orientated throughout the whole process.
Our experience in engaging many of our co-workers in this process, was very positive. We are looking forward to continuing our work with KOGGER.”

Jens-Harald Jenssen / Managing Director

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Office Center

Office Center AS

“We have completed both Step 1 and Step 2 of Pakkeverkstedet together with KOGGER. These workshops have given us many good inputs and our experience with these workshops is very positive. KOGGER has been an outstanding discussion partner and many opinions have been exchanged throughout the process. With all the changes going on, that are both quicker and more powerful, the value of these workshops is immense.
We can absolutely recommend Pakkeverkstedet from KOGGER.”

Joar Løhre / CEO and Chairman of the Board

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_IT-Grden

IT Gården AS

”We completed two workshops with KOGGER within the areas of packaging, pricing and standardization. These workshops were highly appreciated. In a short time, we have implemented routines and communication routines between departments. In the long run we are all trying to work proactively, solvation oriented and standardized.
KOGGER gave us insightful and specific advice so we highly recommend them!”

Daniel Fogmark / Marketing Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Point-Taken

Point Taken AS

“We experienced that the workshop was educational, adapted to our company, very inspiring and inclusive. An accomplished and engaging speaker – the day went by quickly and with lots of humour!
KOGGER taught us a lot about how we can highlight the customer value of our solutions. Packaging and the smart us of our own IP was useful learning that has resulted in increased sale after the workshop. We have also increased the number of our customers and our sales, using our new website based on a KOGGER design.
We are experiencing a better partnership with Microsoft, are succeeding better and growing substantially in several of our Microsoft focus areas – we recommend KOGGER.”

Rune Tangen / CEO & Partner

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Telecomputing

Telecomputing AS

“KOGGER was well prepared and had extended knowledge about our organisation, products and services. This was crucial for how we experienced the quality of the workshop. They were focused on and confirmed our priorities that are connected to Microsoft’s products and cloud services. We recommend all modern companies that deliver cloud services, to “test” their strategy together with KOGGER”

Lars David Klausen / Director of Sales

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_CC Solution

CC Solution AS

“KOGGER delivered a very good workshop that all our employees greatly benefited from. This in turn, has resulted in new homepages and a whole new way of thinking when it comes to selling Office 365. This has resulted in numerous new sales. We learned how to offer our customers a good product in a simplified way and how we could present and sell additional products that could increase the value for the customer.
We can strongly recommend KOGGER!”

Christopher Namtvedt / Founder & CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Braathe gruppen

Braathe Gruppen AS

“Sometimes it is very useful to see ourselves from the outside. KOGGER challenged us in more ways than one and it was great to see how we can package and present our solutions in the best possible way. The form of the workshop was well balanced so that all sides were included and the presentation gave us tips and feedback that we will take along with us. Give yourselves a flying start, take a KOGGER workshop!”

Tor Jahren / Sales Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Systemitech

Systemitek AS

“The workshop with KOGGER was educational and interesting, with great contents and structure throughout the day. This kick started numerous internal processes that we hope will result in us delivering an even clearer message to the market regarding what we can deliver and at what price.
We gladly recommend KOGGER to other partners that want to do more with the packaging of cloud based solutions”

Torfinn Bråtun / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Abacus

Abacus AS

“We experienced the workshop with KOGGER as clear and well structured. There was a good mix of input and the exchanging of opinions. We received impulses that changed our way of thinking, also as regards to the need of having packages and prices on the web pages to accommodate today’s market situation.
We can recommend KOGGER and think most people may benefit from “shaking up a little” their existing mindset and receiving new ideas and inputs.”

Anders Meyer / Sales Manager & Partner

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Garnes Data

Garnes Data AS

“KOGGER challenged us and made us see our own organization with a new point of view. This was a very useful lesson. At times it was intense and challenging, but at the end of the day we all agreed that this was positive and certainly something we would like to take with us. We were in the process of new websites, and much of the methodology in the Pakkeverkstedet has helped shape them. We would definitely recommend KOGGER to others regardless of which industry you are in.”

Natacha Askestrand / Sales and Markting Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Infografikk

Infografikk AS

“The workshop with KOGGER was an interesting and awareness-raising process about how we could properly package Office 365. They were engaged and present and were able to convey important messages.
The KOGGER Pakkeverksted is highly recommended! »

Per Christian Kjølberg / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Empir

Empir AS

“KOGGER comes to the table with, on the one hand Microsoft work experience and on the other hand customer to Microsoft experience so this helped us think differently as to how we present our solutions to our customers.”

Christian Wærsten/ Business Development Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Ikomm

Ikomm AS

“The workshop opened our eyes across departments, and has given us a clearer goal as to how we will work on developing our services. We had more staff participate in round two and three, since those who were in on the first workshop were so pleased with the implementation. KOGGER challenged us with credibility in an inclusive and thoughtful way.»

Henning Owren / Marketing & Communication

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Runtime

Runtime AS

“We benefited from the workshop with KOGGER. They challenged us to think differently about the content and presentation of our products and services in the cloud. In an industry that is rapidly developing, it is important to dare to think differently! Here we received good help and we gladly recommend KOGGER to others.”

Fredrik L. Homb / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Intersoft

Intersoft AS

“It was an intense day where we challenged many of our previous conclusions. The workshop opened our eyes for other ways of thinking and it kick-started plenty of energy to do things the right way. In the end, they contributed with humour, energy, motivation and dedication. Setting aside time for a workshop with KOGGER, is something we certainly can recommend.”

Elisabeth V. Wallem / CEO

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Upheads

Upheads AS

“The workshop helped us get started more rapidly with activities we had thought about during a period of time. At the same time, they had a positive influence on activities as regards to time, content and quality. KOGGER provides energy and positivity, with experience and knowledge in the field of market and technology.»

Ove Rydland / Business Developer & Owner

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Serit

Serit Østereng IT AS

“KOGGER held a workshop that was characterized by competence, structure and achievement, while at the same time creating an atmosphere where all participants felt they had a contribution. It has had synergies to other areas we work with. KOGGER is efficient, friendly, persistent and has expertise as regards to Microsoft products, in technical and sales. That gives credibility.”

One Gjersem / CEO @ Serit Itum Oppland

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Marcello

Marcello AS

“The content of the workshop was very complementary and was presented in a fun and challenging way. We would recommend KOGGER to anyone who wants to focus on selling Microsoft products. KOGGER assisted us in learning the method of working and dealing with sales, in a way that has certainly helped us since!»

Simen Brunstad / Account Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Hatteland

Hatteland AS

“We got confirmation on or identified new specific focus areas and goals. KOGGER brought both Microsoft experience and user experience.
This could obviously benefit others! ”

Knut Dommersnes / Managing Director

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Ebru Technologies

Ebru AS

“The workshop helped us with move forward with our product and marketing efforts. It was very useful to receive input and influence from someone outside of our organization.
We were able to include additional employees and have taken this way of working into our marketing methods. I would strongly recommend KOGGER to other Microsoft partners.”

Runar Veivåg / Sales Manager

KOGGER_Microsoft partner_Share Control

ShareControl AS

“When we wanted to convey the good news, KOGGER was contacted. They had recommendations from Microsoft and they led us through a very good workshop. We received many useful tips from KOGGER who has expertise in launching and disseminating SharePoint and cloud based services.”

Torgeir Johannessen/ Marketing Manager