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Selling the Invisible

What are your invisibles and how does making them visible, give your customers a great buying experience?

To illustrate this, about a year ago our youngest daughter, Tamarah, had just moved out and “lonely nest syndrome” was officially a fact.

Our house wasn’t as messy as before with 4 people living here, but we had lost our last little housekeeper.

So, the hunt for a great cleaning company began!

We went online and searched for: pricing, reviews, problems, reliability, quality and then compared several cleaning companies. We ended up at Freska.

Their website was amazing!!

Every single question we had, was answered – in detail. And for every answer we got, our trust in Freska increased. After getting all the information we needed, they elegantly led us to the page where we easily entered the size of our house, checked off which services we wanted included, picked a time and date from their digital availability calendar, entered our credit card details and boom! We had just booked and paid our first cleaning.

Without talking to anyone.

What did Freska do, to create that kind of trust?

They used content on their website, to make THE INVISIBLE – VISIBLE.

When searching their website, we not only found relevant, engaging and educating content about their products and services, but they also made visible to us their skills, expertise and knowledge. They did this so well, we felt

  • They were experts in cleaning private homes
  • We knew them.
  • We could TRUST them.
  • They could add value to the product we wanted to buy, because they showed us their other areas of expertise and knowledge that could help us.

They had convinced us that they would deliver as promised – and they did.

How did we as customers FEEL?

Happy we not only found a great trustworthy supplier but once we were customers, we wanted to stick around and see what they had in store for us next!

How can YOU give YOUR customers the same experience?

Your products and services need to be visible, but so does all the experience and added knowledge you have, that could potentially be useful to your customers.

That kind of visibility creates great customer experiences!

Making your invisibles – visible, creates TRUST and will not only attract visitors to your site but will turn them in to long lasting, loyal customers!

Think about it. The last time you bought a product or a service, what made you WANT to give that company your money? They shared knowledge you needed and by doing that, created


We all buy from companies we TRUST.


If we were to ask you: Who is your best employee? Would it surprise you that we know the answer?!  Your best employee:

  • Talks to your customers 24/7
  • Never asks for a raise.
  • Is never sick.
  • Works day and night and through the weekends.
  • Never asks for a day off.
  • And will never leave unless you decide it’s time to go…..


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Your website “talks” day and night.  (even when you and the rest of your team are sound asleep!)

So please – think about your own website and imagine you are a customer looking at it.

Now being honest, would you see information about your products and services, answers to all your questions and at the same time be educated in all the areas where your company has knowledge and can be of help? Or is there so little information, that you quickly moved on to another website?

Customers, in general, complete 70% of their customer journey, alone, searching online.  BEFORE contacting a supplier. They use that time, looking for information and help.  You can make your invisibles – visible, by publishing relevant, trustworthy and educational content.

So, back to your website, your best employee.

Is there room for improvement?


Your industry might differ from Freskas, but the principles are the same, regardless of industry. Your invisibles are:

  •  Your company’s skills, subject expert areas and values.
  • Areas that aren’t necessarily main parts of your products or services but are areas where you have knowledge you know can help your customers.
  • Knowledge you have that makes your company stand out from your competition.

Most of our customers are Microsoft Partners, in the technology industry. So, let’s use that industry as an example.  Let’s say you are an IT supplier and on your website, you clearly sell MS 365-packages or other plug-and-play products or services for a monthly fee.

But, are you in addition, building your customers trust by making ALL the expertise you have as an IT supplier, visible to them?  Knowledge they not only need, but are willing to pay for?

For example, due to covid-19 there is an enormous need for new knowledge in areas like

  • Webinars – both participating in and creating
  • Secure remote working environments
  • Online meeting tools
  • Increasing digital presence
  • Increasing website content

And the list goes on and on……

Do you have knowledge in any of these areas?

Show it on your website!

This will not only increase your customers TRUST in you as an expert in your field, but can potentially lead to INCREASED REVENUE because you are offering help your customers need and will want to buy.

After defining your invisibles, you can use several ways to make them visible.

  • Articles
  • Video/Audio
  • Social Media
  • Video emails/campaigns
  • Webinars

We all love a great customer experience and how good we feel about ourselves when we increase our knowledge and get the help we need by making a great buying decision with a company we trust.

Your visitors and customers deserve the same experience, every time they interact with you and especially when landing on your best “employee”😊

P.S: Even though we at times miss our girls – lonely nest syndrome is a part of our past, we now focus 100% on each other and our cat Larsen, and our apartment is clean!