Managed Marketing Services (MMS)

Successful organizations are digitally present, have a team-work strategy and they have clear goalsOf course, you want to have a successful company or be successful, but it´s not always so easy. So how can we help you?  We have extensive experience in helping companies set goals and kick-start processes, but at times we see that an intensive workshop, isn’t sufficient enough. This is why KOGGER want to offer you – Managed Marketing Services (MMS) – so that we can be a “helper” in your organization by not only kick-starting processes but by seeing them through, for as long as you need us.  

What is Managed Marketing Services

Customers we have worked with, have experienced the positive effects of having someone coming in from outside their organization and contributing. Here are some areas where we would like to help you: 

  • Packaging of products and services
  • Creating value propositions and content for webpages
  • Creating good webpage designs and landing pages 
  • Video training, production and distribution of video
  • Change management within Sales and Marketing 


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Great things can be achieved when you work with others on projects that feel overwhelming. If your organization has a team-work strategy, this will influence your workforce to have a helping attitude and this in turn will have a positive effect on the results you get! A MMS subscription, can motivate and stimulate to completing projects and tasks that are on top of an already fully booked calendar. 


MMS can be bought as a subscription service. We can offer you our help based on getting to know you and what you need, and then agreeing upon duration. Project and task follow-up is done via Skype/Teams meetings on a regular basis, 1:1 project meetings or 1:many conferences. KOGGER will help in establishing a common area for cooperation, using your own platform or KOGGERs Teams-platform.  

Tasks and goals are usually coordinated by decision makers and executives for your various departments. So, it’s usually this person or these persons that cooperate with KOGGER. 


Price from NOK 5.000,-/month (eg VAT) 2 online-meetings every month, 30 minutes every other week. Includes preparation and a follow-up resume

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you create content for our websites?

Even though we can help you create content, our main goal is teaching you and your whole organization how you yourselves can create content on your website, by answering your customers questions.

Do I need Office 365 to work online?

Can I subscribe to MMS for only one month at a time?

Yes that is possible.  During our startup meeting, prior to your first month of subscribing to our services, we will discuss the time length we think is needed in order to help you move forward.

How long is the subscription period?

At our startup meeting you can tell us about the challenges you want us to help you with or the areas you need to learn more about, and we on our part will tell you how long we think helping you will take.

What happens if one of our contacts falls ill and cannot complete a meeting or project?

Is it possible to test the service during a trial period?

Yes.  Since this service is based on a monthly subscription you can subscribe to however long time you would like in order to try our service and see if it meets your expectations.

What project tools or platforms do you recommend?

Is there a limit on how many people can attend the meetings?

Can lessons be used to prepare content for our digital surfaces?