The Conductor Workshop

You want to get your message out there but if you are like most people, having an audience or camera in front of you,  makes you nervous and feels unnatural. 

The Conductor Workshop was created to help you overcome these feelings, and teach you how to really connect with your audience!

We offer all workshops online and in person.
Due to Covid-19 we will only do on-site workshops when it is safe to do so.

Why The Conductor Workshop?

We created The Conductor Workshop because we know that many of you have a great message and really want to get it out there but the thought of talking in front of a larger group of people or a camera, makes you nervous and insecure and question yourself and your message.

Standing in front of an audience or a camera can feel stressful and unnatural.

Do you doubt yourself, your ability to communicate – even feel that someone else should do the talking?

The Conductor Workshop was created to help you overcome these feelings, because the art of presentation isn’t a talent, it’s an ability you can learn!

We offer Online

Workshop Overview

The Conductor Workshop:

  • How using good communication techniques will strengthen your customer relationships and working environments.
  • Techniques for overcoming nervousness, insecurity and fear.
  • Great body language and the positive effect it has on your listeners.
  • How to clarify and personalize your message.
  • Effective techniques for engaging your audience.

Key Take-Away

This workshop is an interactive experience that challenges you to step out of your comfort zone so you can laugh and learn while practicing methods that will strengthen your self-confidence, clarify your message and create TRUST.

Learning how to define and refine “your voice” will make it easier for others to hear and understand the value of your message.

Does this workshop sound like something you would like to experience?

If so, leave your contact information or chat with us so we can answer any questions you might have!

Person Talking


Online Workshop: From NOK 25.000,- (eg VAT)

In-person Workshop: From NOK 37.000,- (eg VAT and travel costs)

Frequently Asked Questions

The Conductor Workshop is suitable for everyone in your organization! It’s all about communicating in the best possible way, both internally and externally, by highlighting and improving your best qualities and by using simple but proven methods for communicating efficiently.

No. The techniques and tips you will learn at this workshop, can also be used at internal meetings and project meetings.


Yes, it will.  The Conductor Workshop is about being able to communicate in the best possible way, regardless of personal qualities.  We will look at techniques on how you can communicate in a in a clear and understandable way so that your message reaches your listeners.

The methodology we use is based on authorities within behavior psychology, business communication, modern management principles and practical experience from seminars and workshops that KOGGER has executed.

Yes, it can. This can be defined in each case after discussing with the you, when ordering The Conductor Workshop.

It is suitable for everyone in your organization. Everyone can benefit from improving their ability to communicate and present their message.  In our experience the number of participants should not exceed 20.

Yes, there is and it has proven to be very useful  if you want to continue working on specific qualities or areas.  This can be adapted to suit a whole department or a single person and will take into consideration the time and areas of improvement needed.

How you can create engagement in your audience by asking questions.

Why is your posture important when communicating?

How to prepare and calm your nerves before speaking in public.

Speaking techniques: Vanguarding, The Colombus Principle, Yes, and…

We have seen that filming the participants is useful, so all or parts of the workshop can be filmed.  But being filmed is not mandatory, so just tell us before you participate that you would prefer not to be filmed.