The Conductor Workshop

The CONDUCTOR WORKSHOP is a tailored all-day workshop focused on improving communication so you can be a trusted adviser when presenting your message! We can adapt this workshop to the number of people attending, and areas of communication you want to focus on.

More about Conductor Workshop

Stress, nerves and insecurity can often stop you from being able to present your message. Do you want to strengthen your ability to communicate and present your knowledge clearly, personally and in a way that is helpful to your customers and co-workers? That’s what this workshop is all about! Here are some examples of the Conductor Workshop:

Train the Trainer (TTT) Programs for Microsoft and other industries

Speaker coaching and training 1:1 and 1:many

Speach content and outline creation

Person Talking


There is tough competition when it comes to YOUR voice and YOUR message!  This shouldn’t just effect how you communicate digitally, but also how you reach your listeners, they be customers, colleagues, friends or family.  Do you feel uncomfortable standing up in front of an audience at events or meetings? You can overcome that feeling by using simple but established methods! The Conductor Workshop will show you how you can handle nervousness, stress and even fear and by doing this, become a true conductor at customer and internal meetings or whenever you communicate!


In this workshop you will be challenged by confrontational statements and images, that will lay the groundwork for lively discussions, where everyone participating can exchange experiences. In addition, exciting presentation projects and activities at The Conductor Workshop will inspire and engage you. Our methods are based on modern behavior psychology, updated literature within leadership and communication and our own experience from facilitating close to 200 workshops and having “keynote speaker” assignments at various events in Scandinavia and Europe.


The Conductor Workshop focuses on you as the presenter and how preparing well is the key to good communication regardless of the setting.

How do you take in to consideration your audience?

When does your presentation really begin?

How does having empathy effect the way you communicate?

Why is being spontaneous important and how can you improve your ability to do so?

What type of questions have the greatest effect?

When and how should we give useful feedback to others?

These questions will be answered in an engaging way!


The Conductor Workshop is useful for everyone.  Personally, or as an organization, we can all benefit by being aware of the way we convey our messages or thoughts. We have experienced that everyone, regardless of department, field or personality, has shown impressive progress after completing this workshop.  We therefore recommend that as many as possible in your organization are invited to participate.  To ensure all participants receiving the attention they deserve, we recommend a maximum of 20 people.


The Conductor Workshop has a very specific and “personal” form that works best by being held at your company. This to ensure that all questions, answers and discussions can be done internally without taking into consideration outsiders.


Prior to the workshop we will choose a few participants and they will be asked to give a 3-minute presentation during the workshop. In advance, they will be informed about the methods they should use so they can show how they think these should be implemented. Who is chosen and what themes, will be discussed during the Skype meeting prior to the workshop.


The Conductor Workshop starts with a 30-minute Skype introduction, a few days prior to the workshop. The attendants here are KOGGER and the ones at your company coordinating the workshop. This introduction ensures that expectations, content and goals are synchronized. The workshop itself usually starts at 9am and lasts until 3pm. Generally, there is no preparation required except something for taking notes. The meeting room should have a projector/screen and internet access. We also appreciate you arranging a mutual lunch for all participants.

Next Step

Some of our customers have asked for a more one to one follow- up after this workshop in order to work on specific qualities or techniques. This can be agreed upon separately in each case and can be booked by hour or as an adapted all-day workshop.


The Conductor Workshop is a workshop that will help you to move you out of your comfort zone and strengthen your self-confidence! You will be surprised, challenged and inspired to continue working on your presentation techniques, whenever you communicate. This experience will last much longer than just until the following day – it will result in a lasting personal impact!


From NOK  7.000,-/person (eg VAT and travel expenses).  – Minimum 5 participants. Less than 5? – no problem! Just contact us for pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a sales course just for sellers?

The Conductor Workshop is suitable for everyone in your organization! It’s all about communicating in the best possible way, both internally and externally, by highlighting and improving your best qualities and by using simple but proven methods for communicating efficiently.

Is this workshop mainly about presentations at customers meetings and seminars?

No. The techniques and tips you will learn at this workshop, can also be used at internal meetings and project meetings.

Does completing this workshop result in a certification?


Will this workshop work for me if I am shy and don’t like to speak in public?

Yes, it will.  The Conductor Workshop is about being able to communicate in the best possible way, regardless of personal qualities.  We will look at techniques on how you can communicate in a in a clear and understandable way so that your message reaches your listeners.

Which method is used during this course?

The methodology we use is based on authorities within behavior psychology, business communication, modern management principles and practical experience from seminars and workshops that KOGGER has executed.

Can the workshop be adapted to departments or focus on specific areas?

Yes, it can. This can be defined in each case after discussing with the you, when ordering The Conductor Workshop.

Who is the Conductor Workshop suitable for and how many can participate?

It is suitable for everyone in your organization. Everyone can benefit from improving their ability to communicate and present their message.  In our experience the number of participants should not exceed 20.

Is there an individual follow-up program after completing the workshop?

Yes, there is and it has proven to be very useful  if you want to continue working on specific qualities or areas.  This can be adapted to suit a whole department or a single person and will take into consideration the time and areas of improvement needed.

What are some of the typical areas I will learn about at the Conductor Workshop?

How you can create engagement in your audience by asking questions.

Why is your posture important when communicating?

How to prepare and calm your nerves before speaking in public.

Speaking techniques: Vanguarding, The Colombus Principle, Yes, and…

Will the participants be filmed?

We have seen that filming the participants is useful, so all or parts of the workshop can be filmed.  But being filmed is not mandatory, so just tell us before you participate that you would prefer not to be filmed.