The Conversion Workshop

Do you experience an unbalance in visitors on your website compared to leads and sales?

Why, and what is the solution?

The Conversion Workshop will show you how a homepage and landing page should be set up to ensure that your organizations’ customer journey,  converts to sales. 

If you want to see an increase in sales generated through your website, The Conversion Workshop can show you how!

We offer all workshops online and in person.
Due to Covid-19 we will only do on-site workshops when it is safe to do so.

Why The Conversion Workshop?

Website visitors are looking for trustworthy “advisers” that give them answers.

But, are you one of the many companies struggling to find a way to get these visitors to convert into leads and sales?

If so, The Conversion Workshop is just what you need, because at this workshop you will learn an effective method for generating digital leads and sales directly from your webpage!

We offer Online

Workshop Overview

The Conversion Workshop:

  • A successful methodology based on combining your sales and marketing experience to create the most relevant, optimal and effective customer journey.
  • 4 specific steps that help you place your landing pages on Google’s first page.
  • Look at how a modern landing page for a product/service should be designed and give you a step by step template to make this process easier.
  • Detailed discussions of the template and together, identify innovating and exciting ideas, based on Googles SEO demands.

Key Take-Away

The Conversion Workshop will inspire you to take a long hard look at your website, take your own customer journey and at the same time give you the tools you need to create a website that generates increased conversion rates!

Does this workshop sound like something you would like to experience in your organization?

Then feel free to leave your contact information or chat with us so we can answer any questions you have about how this workshop can be useful for your organization!

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Online Workshop: From NOK 25.000,- (eg VAT)

In-person Workshop: From NOK 37.000,- (eg VAT and travel costs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversion means that a visitor on our landing page starts out with being anonymous but becomes identifiable due to for example downloading an e-book, chatting with us or filling out their contact information.

A homepage is the webpage a customer sees when they do a search based on a company name.  A landing page or campaign page is identified by being a page that informs about a specific product or service and is often linked from emails, LinkedIn articles, Facebook posts, etc.

It is search where a customer searches for a product or service by using words or word-groups.  When searching, the product or supplier is not named or identified by a direct URL to a webpage.  Searches based on words or well-known thoughts, will lead your customer to your landing page because you have optimized it – they will find their search words on your page!

This is an effective way of organizing webpages, landing pages, campaign pages and organizing subpages and elements. It is not based on a hierarchy or a flat structure but on a cluster structure that is supported by elements and subpages. The Conversion Workshop will show you how.

Yes, and the reason for this is that the template and its content is very detailed so in order to get the full effect out of it, you need to go through it thoroughly.

The Conversion Workshop is mainly for those working in administration, marketing and sales, and those responsible for the company’s digital strategy. But we have also had good experience in product managers participating at these workshops because the technical aspect is often important.

Yes! The Conversion Workshop will give you a template that shows how an industry adapted landing-page and cluster should be created in order to coincide with the given information for a product or service.  This is especially important in the IT-industry since they need to communicate technical information in an intuitive way.

Some of the typical follow-up actions are creating content and media pages for the website.

Yes, and you can get these examples by contacting us.

Yes, you can.  We have good experience in cooperating with external media agencies. They have often extensive knowledge on how the technical effects can be implemented in the best possible way.  So yes, this works great!