The Conversion Workshop

Do you experience an unbalance in visitors on your website compared to leads and sales? What´s the cause and what’s the solutionThe Conversion Workshop will answer this and it will teach you how a homepage and landing page should be set up so that the  customer journey your organization has,  is the best it can be, and thereby  convert into sales.  It can be frustrating not seeing progress in sales through your website. But many companies struggle with this, and fortunately there is a solution. Let’s us help you! 

What is The Conversion Workshop

The Conversion Workshop will help you combine the knowledge of both sales and marketing to create the optimal and most effective customer journey. We also do a check-up on how following 4 specific steps can help you place your landing pages on Google’s first page!

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Visitors to your website look for good “advisers” they can trust and look for suppliers with knowledge and that answer their questions. Many organizations see an increase in visitors on their website but in spite of this, aren’t seeing that this results in increased sales. The Conversion Workshop uses this experience as a starting angle to show you how to generate conversions on your webpage!


The Conversion Workshop will in depth, teach you how a modern landing page for a product or a service should be designed, and you will recieve a template that specifically shows this. The detailed way in which we go through this template will identify many exciting, innovating ideas and proposals based on Googles SEO demands.   

The Workshop will start with a 30-minute Teams-introduction, a couple of weeks prior workshop. The attendants are KOGGER and the ones at your company coordinating it. This introduction ensures that expectations, content and goals are synchronized. The workshop itself usually starts at 9am and lasts until 3pm, and it is best if it is held at your company. 


From NOK 28000,- (eg VAT and travel costs)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by conversion in this context?

Conversion means that a visitor on our landing page starts out with being anonymous but becomes identifiable due to for example downloading an e-book, chatting with us or filling out their contact information.

What is the difference between a homepage and a landing page?

A homepage is the webpage a customer sees when they do a search based on a company name.  A landing page or campaign page is identified by being a page that informs about a specific product or service and is often linked from emails, LinkedIn articles, Facebook posts, etc.

What is organic search?

It is search where a customer searches for a product or service by using words or word-groups.  When searching, the product or supplier is not named or identified by a direct URL to a webpage.  Searches based on words or well-known thoughts, will lead your customer to your landing page because you have optimized it – they will find their search words on your page!

What is meant by cluster-structure for landing pages?

This is an effective way of organizing webpages, landing pages, campaign pages and organizing subpages and elements. It is not based on a hierarchy or a flat structure but on a cluster structure that is supported by elements and subpages. The Conversion Workshop will show you how.

Do we have to complete the Conversion Workshop in order to get access to the cluster structure template?

Yes, and the reason for this is that the template and its content is very detailed so in order to get the full effect out of it, you need to go through it thoroughly.

Who in my organization can benefit from attending The Conversion Workshop?

The Conversion Workshop is mainly for those working in administration, marketing and sales, and those responsible for the company’s digital strategy. But we have also had good experience in product managers participating at these workshops because the technical aspect is often important.

Are there templates that show what landing pages should look like?

Yes! The Conversion Workshop will give you a template that shows how an industry adapted landing-page and cluster should be created in order to coincide with the given information for a product or service.  This is especially important in the IT-industry since they need to communicate technical information in an intuitive way.

What are some of the typical follow-up points after completing this program?

Some of the typical follow-up actions are creating content and media pages for the website.

Are there examples of landing-pages that are based on propositions from The Conversion Workshop?

Yes, and you can get these examples by contacting us.

Can we use the ideas from the template structure even though we are using an external media agency to develop our webpages?

Yes, you can.  We have good experience in cooperating with external media agencies. They have often extensive knowledge on how the technical effects can be implemented in the best possible way.  So yes, this works great!