The Packaging Workshop

When searching for a service or product we want to see prices, but many times they aren’t there….

Why should you publish prices on your website, even for products or services you feel are “impossible to price”

What is the RIGHT price?!

How can you simplify your value proposition and create priced packages, that are easily understood by your customers? 

The Packaging Workshop will show you how!

Having packages and prices on your website – builds TRUST and TRUST is the best foundation for any selling/buying relationship, whether B2B or B2C.  

We offer all workshops online and in person.
Due to Covid-19 we will only do on-site workshops when it is safe to do so.

Why The Packaging Workshop?

Customers searching for pricing on products and services, unfortunately often experience that prices aren’t there or hard to find – this is especially true in the B2B market. Turning that around is why The Packaging Workshop was born!

When talking to our customers, we usually hear at least one of these well-thought reasons for why they don’t publish prices:

  1. It´s too complicated, our products are impossible to price.
  2. We don´t want our competitors to see our prices and we don´t want to compete on pricing.
  3. We don´t want customers we already have to see prices we give new customers.

The Packaging Workshop, will excite, provoke and challenge you to see how your customer’s behavior has changed and why this means you need to have increased focus on the type of information you should publish and how this information should be communicated.

We offer Online

Workshop Overview

The Packaging Workshop:

  • Teaches you an effective method for easily packaging your products and services in a way that both employees and customers easily can find them and understand the pricing, content and delivery – even for something that is “impossible to price.”
  • Tells you about how transparent companies using The Packaging Workshop methodology are publishing prices and increasing their revenue.
  • Deep dive into the methodology for creating packages and publishing prices.
  • We will together agree upon a specific methodology and price for a package you can publish on your website the following day!

Key Take-Away

Prices on your website – should you? – or shouldn’t you? YES YOU SHOULD!

Packaging and pricing are the starting point of your customers’ journey, so they should be the starting point for you too!

Would you like to attend The Packaging Workshop? Well, what are you waiting for?!

Feel free to contact us by phone/email, enter your contact information or chat with us.

We would love to answer any questions you might have, (not about our prices because they are on our webpage:) – and tell you more about how this workshop can have a positive effect on the development of your business.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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Online Workshop: From NOK 25.000,- (eg VAT)

In-person Workshop: From NOK 37.000,- (eg VAT and travel costs)

Frequently Asked Questions

The word packaging can have various definitions but when talking about selling cloud services, packaging is defined as a product or service that is sold at a price per user, per month or without implementation costs and without a binding contract.

The digital customer journey has resulted in new demands as to how we can communicate our products and services on, for example, our webpages.  Packaging helps to identify a product and present it in such a way that the customer understands both the content and the price.

Packaging will lead to competition as to pricing but experience shows that packaging contributes to identifying which other products and services that the customer usually wishes to add on to their purchase. Packaging helps the customer to understand what their true need is and help IT-partners to understand what should be sold in addition to the packaged solutions. Up-sell and cross-sell is a factor of success that starts with packaging.

Both are equally important but the timing for them is different during the customer digital journey. The digital customer journey starts with the customer understanding which product and packages they want to buy and expecting to find their price. The complete delivery is originally identified when we are in a dialog with the customer -not during the digital phase. So, in order to reach a customer with our message, we need to have competitive packages and pricing.  But to increase the customer’s consumption and purchasing, we need to talk to the customer, have a dialog, and this occurs at a later point during the digital customer journey.

Yes, they do.  Research proves that the purchase pattern we have personally when we visit a website to buy something, affects how we behave when purchasing something for our company. B2B and B2C resemble each other.  Customers that search for trustworthy advisors are frustrated if they don’t find pricing on the website.

Yes, and that is exactly why packaging is so important.  If we are to keep up with the growth, we se in the IT-industry, at the companies that focus on or have a clear strategy when selling cloud services, we are dependent on regularly recruiting new customers to our subscription services or recruiting so called “cold customers”.

Packaging initiates an internal engagement that in turn helps in defining what makes a supplier or partner good at what they do. Fundamenting your own value on establishing and creating packages and then identifying special expertise when it comes to up-sell and cross-sell, increases the ability to differentiate your company. So simply said, packaging increases differentiation.

In this context, the concept of being transparent means that it is easy for our customers to identify what the product or service contains and how the price reflects this.

Yes! A part of The Packaging Workshop is devoted to walking you through how to establish, structure and complete a specific package.

Yes, we have many examples and we are more than willing to share this information with you if you would like to contact these companies yourselves or visit their websites for inspiration.

After completing The Packaging Workshop, it is usual that our customers continue to work on creating specific packages.  Normally packages for up-sale and cross-sale are also created.  For example, for support, operations and other types of services that can be packaged. In addition, there is often a need for establishing chat and sometimes doing architectural or structural alterations on the website.