The SoMe Workshop

The SoMe Workshop is focused on how you can use Social Media platforms to  improve your visibility, create a network and increase trust between you and your customers.

LinkedIn is the main focus of this workshop, but what you learn can be applied to Instagram, Facebook and even YouTube.

How important is digital presence? What is a good profile and how can you create one? What should you post and when? What content is good content? These questions and more will be answered in this SoMe Workshop!

We offer all workshops online and in-person.
Due to Covid-19,  on-site workshops are only possible when it is safe to do so.

Why Social Media?

The world has drastically changed. A few years ago, your customers would  contact you for information, but today everyone searches online for knowledge and buys from companies that give them: ANSWERS and SHOW who they are.

This means that most of your customers have already decided which product or service they want to buy, based on information they find online – BEFORE contacting you!

So today, being visible online means you can help your customers find answers, show them who you are and build a network.

Where should you start? How can you make a good LinkedIn profile and show who “you” are and how you can help? What should you add and what should you focus on?

Here is where the SoMe Workshop can help you!

We offer Online

Workshop Overview

LinkedIn 101:

It´s important to encourage the use of social media to make your company, products, services, and skills known, and contribute to improving customer experiences. During the workshop we will discuss the importance of:

  • Having leaders that lead the way and post on social platforms the company has defined as important platforms for reaching a target audience.
  • Connecting with new people, posting, re-posting, and commenting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Joining, engaging, and learning through social media groups related to the company business. Acquiring new knowledge about your customer base today and the one you can have in the future.
  • Having “Company Influencers”. These are employees that love social media and can create social media awareness throughout the organization and show the effects it can have on customer relationships
  • Developing a “listening strategy” and gathering feedback from all platforms. Gathering information on company-related comments, complaints, or praise posted on social media, can be used to improve the customer journey or encourage your organization and tell them what a great job they are doing!

We will go through why we should have and use LinkedIn, what you should include in your profile, the company profile both on a practical level with regards to what to do with the different banners, profile pictures, and on a communicative level, what and how should you communicate on LinkedIn.

Key Takeaway

The SoMe Workshop is inspirational, motivating, and incredibly valuable because it forces you to make the best use of the incredible tools we have at hand. During this process, you will see how embracing LinkedIn and Social Media, in general, will help your organization to work better together and be eager to contribute! 

Does this workshop sound like something you would like to  experience in your organization? Then leave your contact information or chat with us. We would love to talk to you and see if this is a good fit for your organization and your goals.


1:Many: Half-day from NOK 25.000 ,- (eg VAT and travel costs)

1:Many: Full-day from NOK 37.000,- (eg VAT and travel costs)