The Value Workshop

Content is the key when making our websites relevant and visible online. But why is it so hard to write and make content? What´s the solution? Great content will separate you from the others and you will be easier to find online. Wouldn’t it be great to use the different personalities you have on your team and use their experience and competence to create content that will make you stand out, that will differentiate you? The Value Workshop will help you with exactly this!  

What is The Value Workshop

Content is King – and the key to creating a great customer journey. But before you create great content you must understand the needsworries and questions your customers have, and address all of them. We know this isn’t as easy as it sounds, so in this workshop we will help you do what’s necessary in order to give your customers a great buying experience.  What will you learn during this workshop and what problems will it help you solve? 


Value Workshop

Workshop Overview

Differentiating yourself by creating valuable content on digital platformslike your webpage, social media etc, is vital for connecting with your customers… But, how do you know that your content is relevant and of value to themDuring this workshop we will show you the main principles for communicating your value proposition and will have engaging discussions, with your whole team, about the importance of doing a thorough research and analysis of the audience you want to reach and the people that usually visit your site. We will do a deep dive into the various aspects of performing, problem solution mapping, by doing your research and depending on your type of products/services, find out which parameters are the most important.    

You will be amazed at the effect of knowing your audience, their type of work, responsibilities, internal and external factors and their struggles, will have on the way you convey the value you can add to their companyYou will be easier to find online, build more trust, make your value proposition heard, and have fun learning how, by attending this workshop! 

Key Takeaway

Along with many companies you might focus on who YOU are and how great your products and services are.  By doing this you aren’t helping them to see how your company can give them answers and solutions to their questions and problems. During this workshop we will focus on the importance of researching your audience and show you an effective methodology for using this research as a basis for producing relevant information and showcasing clearly how you can help them 

Does this workshop sound like something you would like to experience in your organization? Then feel free to leave your contact information or chat with us.  We look forward to talking to you and seeing if this is a good fit for you and your goals! 




From NOK 28000 (eg VAT and travel costs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it so difficult to create content for our website?

The Value Workshop will introduce several ways to make this easier for you! One way is by using analysis as a way to reveal the needs and possibilities within an organization.  The other is by “text cleansing” product sheets and having a technical solution description for products and services.

Isn’t it better to deliver our value proposition face to face with our customers instead of focusing on our website?

Yes, that is the best way! But in order to get a hold of “cold customers”, customers we don’t know and that don’t know us, we need to communicate the same value proposition during the early phase of the digital customer journey.  That is why we need to focus on how we present our value proposition on digital platforms since that’s where our customers meet us and technology for the first time!

Aren’t the customers in our industry searching for complex and relevant competence and not a simplified message?

Yes, they are but we have experienced that their customer journey starts with a simplified message that in turn builds trust by the customer understanding our role as advisors – someone they can trust and who can give them extended competence. How? They read more content!

Can we get help in creating a specific value proposition for a certain product or service, during this workshop?

Yes, you will! We recommend that you, as a part of your preparation for the workshop, choose a product or a service you would like to convert into a value proposition.  Or, you can take a value proposition draft that you want to improve or “test”, with you to the workshop.

Isn’t it more important to train sellers than use time in creating a value proposition?

Both are important! Our experience is that if sellers and the whole organization cooperate with each other in creating a unified value proposition, it will make it easier for sellers to talk to their customers about it.

How can we be relevant to various industries and customers?

There are several ways but during The Value Workshop we will take a closer look at the difference between creating a value proposition for an industry contra creating a solution description for a specific task or position within a company.

Won’t a value proposition for a specific industry ruin our possibility’s in reaching other industries?

The short answer to this is that a customer that can easily see that you have cooperated with customers within one industry and shared your competence, will quickly be able to look beyond the type of industry and focus on your ability to draw closer to a business/responsibility area.  They will then feel trust in you and that your organization can provide the same for their needs and challenges.

Are there examples of webpages in our industry that have succeeded in creating useful, relevant content?

Yes, there is, and you can receive their contact details and links to their webpages by contacting us.

Who in my organization can benefit from attending The Value Workshop?

We recommend that as many as possible in your organization attend.  Administration, sales, marketing, consultants and those working in support and after-sales. All of these will be able to add a valuable contribution to this workshop and will benefit from it.

What are some typical follow-up points after completing The Value Workshop?

Typical follow-ups are continuing to create and improve content based on decisions made during The Value Workshop.