The Video Workshop

The VIDEO WORKSHOP is created in cooperation with Marcus Sheridan and Zachary Basner at IMPACT and will teach you how to become a video marketing star and help others on your team to become visual, trusted and professional advisors!

More about Video Workshop

The Video Workshop is based on understanding how video can and should be used to promote a message by using you just a few easy and efficient tools. This workshop will give you practical insight on how to create content and outline, the specification and use of the necessary technical equipment and how to edit and publish the created content – the full A-Z in video production. THE VIDEO WORKSHOP LITE: Ask us for information about this 1-day workshop that is a simplified version of THE VIDEO WORKSHOP and that is based on using your mobile phone, easy editing tools and the quickest route to publishing!

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The biggest challenge within all sales markets, SMB included, is getting our audience to respond. It’s no longer enough to have useful, written content on our websites in order to differentiate us and our voice. Within 2021, 82% of all internet traffic will be video. 90% of customers say that watching product videos helps them decide where to buy. Advanced technology is explained easier by using video as a medium. Video turns complicated – into easily understood. Your customers hear you before you hear them, they see you before you see them and they know you before you know them.


During this workshop, you can experience both the theoretical (Day 1) and practical part (Day2) of producing efficient and powerful videos. You will learn how to easily create videos that educate, entertain and strengthen your customers trust in you. We also want to take you on an exciting journey where you will see that using video to reach your audience can help you increase sales and help your company and message to stand out.

This workshop is delivered as a 2-day workshop. Day 1 – theoretical / Day 2 – hands-on practice and training


There is no specific target group for The Video Workshop, but all of those working in sales, marketing, leadership and those responsible for your homepage and digital platforms will benefit from it. To ensure full focus 25 participants is the maximum.


The Video Workshop is a 2-day workshop with a personal form that works best by being held somewhere where everyone can feel relaxed without having to take into consideration outsiders. We need some space for the practical part of the workshop (Day 2) so having a room with enough space for movement and good lighting, is an advantage.

Planning a kick-off? THE VIDEO WORKSHOP can easily be combined with this type of event!


There is no necessary preparation for this workshop, but it is an advantage if you are familiar with your own webpages and especially the ones with video possibilities. Bring along whatever you need for taking notes. The workshop room needs to have a projector or screen and internet access. KOGGER will supply all other necessary equipment. We also appreciate you arranging a mutual lunch for all participants.


The Video Workshop starts with a 30- minute Skype introduction, a few days prior to the workshop. The attendants are KOGGER and those at your company coordinating it. This introduction ensures that expectations, content and goals are synchronized. The workshop itself usually starts at 9am and lasts until 3pm.

Next Step

The price stated here includes a 30-minute follow-up Skype meeting open for all participants. If there is a need for any further assistance, either 1-1 or 1-many, this can be arranged at an hourly rate and is agreed upon in each case. KOGGER has in cooperation with Contenting AS created editing packages to help with the publishing process.


The Packaging Workshop will give you a great feeling when you learn how your competence, ideas and energy can result in an increased focus and understanding of how important the demands of the digital customer journey are – prices and packages online!


Typically, THE VIDEO WORKSHOP pricing runs from 55.000 NOK ex VAT, but the cost of your training will also depend on a variety of factors, the number of attendees, the length of the training and travel costs.
THE VIDEO WORKSHOP- 2 DAYS: from  NOK 9.000,-/pers (eg VAT and travel costs) – min 5/max 20 participants
THE VIDEO WORKSHOP LITE – 1 DAY: from  NOK 5.000,- /pers (eg VAT and travel costs) – min 5/max 10 participants

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the agenda for The Video Workshop?

This is a workshop where we work together with your organisation and learn on-camera performance, your company’s video marketing strategy and how to improve your overall video production.


Day 1:

Creating a Culture of Content
  • Zero Moment of Truth
  • We’re All In The Business of Trust
Connect and Close More Deals Using Video (Video for Sales)
  • The Foundational Five (Classroom)
  • The Selling Seven (Classroom)
  • 1:1 Personalized Video (Break-out session)
Become the Best Visual Educator in Your Space and Generate More Leads
  • The Big 5 (Cost, Problems, Comparisons, “Best of”-lists, Reviews) (Classroom)
  • YouTube 101 (Classroom)
  • The Video 6 (Classroom)
  • Product outline (Break-out session)

Day 2:

Influence and Communicate Effectively With Your Audience
  • The Influencers Kata (Behavior analysis) (Classroom)
  • How To Be A Great Producer (Classroom)
  • Presentation in front of camera (Break-out session)
Simple Video Production Techniques for Businesses
  • Composition and Rules of Videography (Classroom)
  • How To Produce Powerful Talking Head Videos (Classroom)
  • Sound Design and B-Roll for Beginners (Classroom)Creating a Culture of Content
  • Zero Moment of Truth
  • We’re All In The Business of Trust
Connect and Close More Deals Using Video (Video for Sales)
  • The Foundational Five
  • The Selling Seven
  • 1:1 Personalized Video
Become the Best Visual Educator in Your Space and Generate More Leads
  • The Big 5
  • YouTube 101
  • The Video 6

How deep will the learning prosess be in creating videos?

Day 1 covers the theoretical and Day 2 is practical training of what you learned on Day 1 and on Day 2 you will be challenged with how to perform both in front and behind the camera.

Will The Video Workshop Lite be enough as a start?

Yes, this workshop is a simplified version of The Video Workshop that will show you how, with simple tools, you can quickly start producing videos.  This workshop will increase your self-confidence and your interest in videos.

What will I learn at The Video Workshop?

You will get help in understanding what makes a video successful, what is the most effective way of creating and publishing a video, which platforms should be used, how to optimize and rank high on searching motors with your videos and how to be more comfortable and confident in front of the camera and behind it.

Does it have to cost thousands to create and publish great videos?

No! If you are equipped with the right knowledge, you can make and publish great videos at a reasonable price. KOGGER has pre-created lists of photo equipment and willingly shares our knowledge and predefined packages for the camera equipment you need to get started.

Why is The Video Workshop a good investment?

By completing this workshop, you can reduce the learning curve for video production with at least 6 months, kickstart your video process and thereby quickly increase the ROI.

Who typically attends The Video Workshop?

Everyone in an organization can attend this workshop.  The Video Workshop is based on teaching people that can already see how important video is for their marketing, and want to help their customers by becoming the best visual educator possible.

Do I have to bring any equipment?

No, we will arrange for all necessary equipment but bring along something to take notes and your mobile phone.

How many people in our company should be using video as a medium?

Everyone! Statistics show that seeing a face, creates much more trust than the written word.  So using video as a medium will help to create and maintain good customer relationships.

What if I need help after the workshop?

The workshop includes a 30-minute follow-up call on Skype, a few days after completing the workshop,  where all participants are invited.  If you need any further assistance, this can be arranged at an hourly rate.  But our experience is that most participants that have attended the 2-day Video Workshop, do a great job themselves!