KOGGER_The Video 6 Methodology

The Video 6 Methodology

Zachary Basner the Director of Video Training & Strategy at Impact in Hartford,  creates video strategies to help teams improve their sales and marketing efforts. Using this non-complicated but yet precise pattern helped us to be more organized when planning video projects.

In one of  Zachary’s videos he explains The Video 6 methodology.  His simple, but effective, recipe to creating great videos:

  1. Teaser
  2. Logo bumper
  3. Intro
  4. Segments
  5. Call to action
  6. Outro

Based on The Video 6, we made the following list where the thoughts we had about each point was specified.  That way we had a  clear opinion of what our target was, which content should be included and how this should be conveyed to our viewers.  This was really helpful when preparing the content outline and during recording because this list kept us focused on what we were trying to achieve.

  • Step 1 – Teaser: Who we are, address a common challenge for our customers, concentrate on catching their attention. Atmosphere/feelings: catchy, smiling, create curiosity and a willingness to view the whole video
  • Step 2 – Logo Bumper: Aimed at a unique logo reveal but wanted to keep the process simple and low cost, so found a website with cool, inexpensive and adaptable, logo reveals at www.renderforest.com.  We personalized the one we chose, by changing the colors so they matched the colors of our company logo
  • Step 3 – Intro: More in depth explanation, in this case The Packaging Workshop. Explain to the point, clear and precise. Atmosphere/feelings: energetic, smiling, create trust in us as advisers.
  • Step 4 – Segments: Questions/answers – why, how, who, etc. Keep in mind how we want to hold on to the viewers’ attention, by content-variation. Atmosphere/feelings: energetic, varied and interesting, create trust and convey the feeling that this workshop day can be tough but effective, beneficiary and exciting. Implement slides for some of the questions and add sound as the slide changed from video to a question
  • Step 5 – Call to action: Encourage viewer to contact us, Atmosphere/feelings: welcoming, smiling,  eagerly waiting for their call
  • Step 6 – Outro: Our company logo. Atmosphere/feelings: create positivity to KOGGER by showing them our company acronym: BTCT – Be Transparent Create Trust

Finally, before recording, we changed the setting and lighting for the recording area.

The recording part was still tiring, but noticeably better than the first time.  When we were satisfied with the recording, the editing could begin. Besides cutting, we added music, subtitles in English  and then we could watch the final result  –  what a a feeling! Before publishing the new video and replacing the old one, we updated our English and Norwegian website pages.


The english poet, Samuel Johnsen, once said “Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance” and when recording videos, we need to have perseverance!

We all want to get it right and create amazing videos.  But there is a saying, “Rome wasn’t built in one day”, so we need to have patience.

Take one step at a time and don’t expect perfection but aim at honest, helpful and entertaining.

We can learn a lot from others that have video recording experience, but at the same time we need to use our gut feeling, prepare well, relax and have fun while recording! Last but not least, we need to trust what we know about our customers, be faithful to what our company represents and how we can help our customers and have a more personal relationship with them,  by using video as a medium.

The result may not be perfect, but it will sure enough be a whole lot better than if you never tried at all!

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