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Be Transparent – Create Trust! #BTCT

We create videos to share knowledge and experience and at the same time give you the chance to get to know us better! Our videos range from information about our workshops to various themes from our knowledge center and customer testimonials.

Packaging Workshop

When you search for services or products, you are so happy when you find prices, so you should  give your customers the same experience. Is it wise to put prices on your website and if so, howWhat is the RIGHT price? How can you create a website where your customers easily understand your packages and your value proposition? The Packaging Workshop will be answering these questions and give you practical examples. When you put your prices on your website, have packages ready for your customers and teach them why – you build their trust in you. And trust is the best basis for any selling/buying relationship, whether its B2B or B2C.  The Packaging Workshop will help you implement this in your own organization. 

Conversion Workshop

Do you experience an unbalance in visitors on your website compared to leads and sales? What´s the cause and what’s the solutionThe Conversion Workshop will answer this and it will teach you how a homepage and landing page should be set up so that the  customer journey your organization has,  is the best it can be, and thereby  convert into sales. 

It can be frustrating not seeing progress in sales through your website. But many companies struggle with this, and fortunately there is a solution. Let’s us help you! 

Value Workshop

Content is the key when making our websites relevant and visible online. But why is it so hard to write and make content? What´s the solution? Great content will separate you from the others and you will be easier to find online. Wouldn’t it be great to use the different personalities you have on your team and use their experience and competence to create content that will make you stand out, that will differentiate you? The Value Workshop will help you with exactly this!  

Conductor Workshop

For most of us, standing in front of a crowd or a camera feels unnatural. Confidence is something that you can work on, and it can get better with just a couple simple but good methods. That´s what the Conductor Workshop wants to help you with.  

We can help you master feelings like, nervousness, stress and even fear. Then you can get the confidence you need to speak in customer meetings, gatherings and internal meetings in your organization. 

Video Workshop

You want to produce and post videoswouldn’t it be great if some or all of your staff knew how video production works rather than hiring someone expensive outside the companyHow can you accomplish this? The VIDEO WORKSHOP is created in cooperation with Marcus Sheridan and Zachary Basner at IMPACT Inbound, they have years of experience in video production and inbound marketing. This workshop will teach you and others on your team how to become visual, trusted and professional advisors with low budget resources and equipment! 

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