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We create videos to share knowledge and experience and at the same time give you the chance to get to know us better! Our videos range from information about our workshops to various themes from our knowledge center and customer testimonials.

Packaging Workshop

The Packaging Workshop is an all-day workshop that has helped many partners to crack the code of packaging and move forward with their plans to publish packages and prices on their website.

Conversion Workshop

The CONVERSION WORKSHOP is an all-day workshop that in practice shows how a landing page should be composed in order to meet Googles SEO demands and thereby increase the conversion of visitors into specific leads.

Value Workshop

The VALUE WORKSHOP is an all-day workshop that will show you how differentiation can be created by transforming expertise into sellable concepts and how this should be communicated to decision makers during their digital customer journey.

Conductor Workshop

The CONDUCTOR WORKSHOP is a tailored all-day workshop that focuses on improving important areas that results in being “best in class” at presenting our message! Stress, nerves and insecurity can often stop us from being able to present our message, so we need to strengthen our ability to communicate and present it clearly, personally and in a way that is helpful to our customers and co-workers.

Video Workshop

The VIDEO WORKSHOP is created in cooperation with Marcus Sheridan and Zachary Basner at IMPACT and will teach you how to become a video marketing star and help others on your team to become visual, trusted and professional advisors!


After facilitating more than 200 workshops in Europe,  we noticed some common ground for success that we want to share with you!

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Do you have Chat on your webpage? What does the response on Chat tell us?

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Do you have Prices on your web-page? By publishing prices we show customers that we know and respect that they are looking for prices. We don’t hide anything because we want to gain their trust in us and give them the opportunity to compare our prices to others.

To find out more, go to our Article section and read: MARKETFEELING VERSUS MARKETING


Can we take our surfing experience from the SOFA to our OFFICE CHAIR?
Our own experience of what kind of webpage is best, is often a guideline as to how our company webpage should be created.

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